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What Makes Our Chicken Different?
  • GAP Program
  • Controlled Atmosphere Stunning System
GAP Program
Enhanced Outdoor Access Pasture Centered Bred for Outdoors
Live continuously on pasture image
Birds are able to perch image
Group size less than 500 birds per pasture image
100% vegetative cover on pasture image
Slower-growing breed image image
Sufficient vegetative material in pasture areas to encourage natural behavior   image image
50% or more vegetative cover on pasture image
25% or more vegetative cover on pasture image
Shade provided in outdoor area image image image
No physical alterations of birds raised for meat (including beak trimming, de-spurring, dubbing, caponization) image image image
No antibiotics, no animal by-products, no added growth hormones Added features for chickens to hide, play, and/or isolate themselves image image image
Added hay bales and eucalyptus branches for  enrichment image image image
Birds have enough space to flap their wings, dust bathe, and move about image image image



Consumer interest in animal welfare is rising as are demands for the quality of meat and poultry. The CAS modifies the atmosphere to induce euthanasia conditions for animals. This gentle technology provides a less stressful experience, contributing to improved animal welfare, better processing conditions and higher quality meat.
Improved animal welfare
•   Less stress to animals
Processing improvements
•   Improved and safer working environment
•   Easier animal handling
Higher quality meat
•   Reduce of meat bruises